What’s a great day in New York? It’s watching a play you wrote on its feet for the first time and thinking how lucky you are that these talented people are creating wonderful life from some crazy things you scribbled on paper. It’s eating Two Boots pizza for dinner and Junior’s cheesecake for dessert at Grand Central. It’s seeing a terrific work-in-progress by a playwright you kinda know and being inspired to try to make your own stuff as good as his. It’s spending an evening with a beautiful person so full of love and life you’re reminded that you were like that once and maybe could be again. It’s hanging out at a coffehouse with great jazz and no cover charge. It’s heading to a bar to buy someone birthday drinks when you should have gone home hours ago. It’s deciding between a fast but expensive cab ride or a cheap but pokey subway trip back to Brooklyn where you’ll hit the bed tired but happy and feeling very, very grateful for the small and imperfect life you once cursed.

(Canal St Station)