Monday Is Cat Week: 3 Speed

Not unlike an old bike, my cat has exactly three speeds:
1. Begging for food whenever I walk into the kitchen.
2. Hopping on the table and trying to eat whatever I happen to be eating.
3. Looking all cute and whatnot when sleeping.

(Bklyn Blggng HQ)

Beyond Street Meat

Beyond Street Meat

Like many others, I enjoy the halal cart at 53 St & 6 Av, even though I usually avoid street food I and I generally refuse to wait more than 10 minutes in line at any New York eatery. But the food here is pretty tasty, and the line is actually part of the experience.

But at visit last week, I didn’t get red sauce, and this time they didn’t give me red sauce or their famous white sauce. No white sauce?! This is practically grounds for a civil suit in New York, though to be fair I was in a rush…and so were they.

(6 Av & 53 St, Manhattan)