Pit Stop


An unexpected midday break near Astor Place was a good opportunity for a quiet meal alone to rest and recharge.

It was also my first time eating cold ramen — which, by the way, is awesome.

(Photo taken before my usual liberal helping of hot oil was applied.)

(Menkui-tei, 3 Av & Astor Place, Manhattan)



I’m a city guy at heart, but after two weeks of shooting in the beautiful Milford area, I can see myself falling in love with the place. I say this even despite the terrifying nighttime onslaught of insects that have left bites all over my body.

(West Harford St, Milford, PA)

Up in the Air


I’m smiling not because I visited the top of three NYC bridges (Verrazano-Narrows, Marine Parkway, Throgs Neck) and saw six peregrine falcon chicks in one day.

No, I’m smiling because I survived being repeatedly dive-bombed by the adult peregrine parents, who were rather annoyed at our presence. Fortunately, nobody got hurt and we tried not to overstay our welcome. Video to come.

Some days, I really love my day job.

(Throgs Neck Bridge, The Bronx)

Update 2013/02/21: And here’s the video, posted 2012/06/01…

Night Riding


For a clear-your-head ride, Manhattan’s Hudson River bike path and piers are hard to beat, especially at night.

(West 70 St Pier, Manhattan)

Security Made Easy


When a security camera is pointed at you, it’s important not to look suspicious.

(J&R Music, Park Row, Manhattan)

Subway Bagels

Subway Bagels

When I first saw this, I thought it was a pay phone that gave change in bagels. Sadly, it was not.

(Broadway-Lafayette Station, Manhattan)

The Well-Dressed Bike

The Well-Dressed Bike

In discussions about bike culture, hipsters often get the attention, but the love (and necessity) of cycling is incredibly strong in immigrant communities like Chinatown, too.

I love how the wood add-ons are all about accommodating extra passengers.

(Walker St, Manhattan)

Retail Figures

Retail Figures

The night before the U.S. launch of the iPhone 4S, these workers were busy prepping new store displays.

(Apple Store Upper West Side, Broadway, Manhattan)

Royal Tenenbaums

Royal Tenenbaums

Wes Anderson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anjelica Huston, Bill Murray, Noah Baumbach, et al at the tenth anniversary screening of THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS, New York Film Festival.

One of my favorite movies by one of my hero directors. This is pretty awesome.

(Alice Tully Hall, Manhattan)

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Apple Stores are so iconic and well-placed that even if you didn’t know one of them was rising behind these unmarked black walls, you’d probably guess it anyway.

My office is adjacent to GCT and between Apple and the forthcoming
Shake Shack, I’m bracing for the inevitable impact to my wallet.

(Grand Central Terminal, Manhattan)

Reaction Time is a Factor

Reaction Time is a Factor

Hard to visit Los Angeles without snapping a shot that reminds me of my favorite L.A. movie. I’ll leave the film nameless for those who like puzzle-solving.

(2 Street Tunnel, Los Angeles)