J.P. Chan 

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Floral Delivery


Flower delivery looks like a lot of fun. I wonder if they’re hiring.(60 St & Park Av, Manhattan)


On The 4


(4 Train, Nevins St Station, Brooklyn)


Sitting In The Park


Title reference: Quix*O*Tic(Battery Park, Manhattan)


Bowling Orange


Can anyone tell me where the geo-socio-linguistic border between OR-inge and arnge is? I only recently discovered that it exists, but I don’t know where to find it.(Bowling Green Station, Manhattan)


Well Into The Hundreds


In New York summers get hot, well into the hundredsYou can’t walk around the block without a change of clothingHot as a hairdryer in your faceHot as a handbag and a can of maceIn New York, I just got a place in New YorkNew York, New YorkU2, “New York“(12:27 p.m., Brooklyn)

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